Natasha's Story in Pictures

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Born Food Insecure in Newark

Early years were tough – my family moved around a lot and dealt with a lot of hardship. We never quite knew where or when the next meal would come.

Against All Odds

With the strength of my mother, who has always been the rock of our family, we survived and eventually thrived. My mom always pushed us to do better and that became my mission.

Traveled The World

To keep doing better I knew I had to continue learning about the world. I worked my way around many countries and my travels deepened my concern with equity, the environment and food.

Got My Dream Job

After several years and many adventures later, I finally returned home and got to work. I joined the thousands of young activists who worked to get Obama elected in 2008, and before I knew it, I was working in our nation’s capital empowering young people nationwide to fight for social, environmental and health justice.

That Work Planted Powerful Seeds

I was proud of my work in D.C., but I quickly realized the issue at the center of our health, equity and enviromental problems was FOOD. I began to learn about our broken food system and its impact on our planet and her people, particularly people of color. I wanted to dig deeper and knew I had to get my hands dirty to do so.

And Seeds Sprouted to Voices

After working on various urban and rural farms, I knew in order to dig deeper, I needed to delve into the stories of farmers. Farmers who are most impacted by the broken food system and whose communities face the most inequities. The Color of Food project was born.

Then Those Voices Joined a Powerful Movement

After publishing The Color of Food and sharing its powerful message at events across the country, I found myself  on stage with Vandana Shiva and Winona LaDuke. It was a special day to hear the voices of the book join the voices of these incredible food activists, affirming the importance of this work.

And Now.. Here I Am

Using all I have learned and gained through my journey to do what I love. Connect with people, food justice, social..