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I am just a simple Brown.Girl.Farming.. but I have alot to say. Or at least that is what they tell me. I have been lucky enough to share my stories, insight and passions with journalists and media professionals throughout the country.

Media & Past Events

Past Events

Energy. Natasha’s keynotes, are filled with candid, heartwarming and humorous stories from First Nation to immigration, there isn’t a topic on which Bowen’s curiosity doesn’t latch. Natasha Bowens shares a profound appreciation for the diversity of people planting the seeds and harvesting the foods to keep alive cultural traditions and nourish communities around the country. Anyone who eats should hear Natasha speak: You will come to the table with new appreciation for the intersections between race and food that so often go unsaid and undocumented.



Grist  2010  –     The Color of Food  article series: In search of black and Latino farmers in the sustainable food movement Hitting the Big Apple’s food-justice buffet Peeling back the skin of Detroit Postcard from the first annual Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference Chicago has got it growing on Brightening up the dark farming history of the Sunshine State

I have been fortunate to connect with audiences all over the country, a few are: