Zachari Curtis

<Zachari Curtis (Washington DC) is a community accountable farmer and a local food systems expert working in Washington, DC. Zachari considers their work a mix of sustainable farming and art-based community organizing and has leveraged their experience to forge unlikely but necessary partnerships on the basis of our shared enjoyment of and cultural memory around food. Zachari runs Good Sense Farm & Apiary, a mushroom farm and honey operation fomenting out-of-the-box thinking about the food system, the environment and our responsibility to both. Through their “rewilding” initiative, Zachari introduces people to wild food and the wilderness from whence they come. Zachari also co-founded Community Farming Alliance to develop infrastructure and instigate resource sharing among farmers of color and women farmers in the DC area.

Skills and Core Competencies: Sustainable Agriculture, Ecosystems Thinking, Food System Equity, Local Food Policy, Group Facilitation, Popular Education, Grassroots Cooperative Development Strategy, Small Business Development and Research

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