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Another post to honor #blackhistorymonth and #blackfarmers and food activists this month! This is Eugene Cooke of Grow Where You Are based in Atlanta, GA. Eugene believes in the elusive energy of all living things around us and the role of farmers to work and dance with that energy to grow food everywhere. And that's exactly what he does, he works to help others start urban farms all over the world and teaches about the abundance of more in The Color of Food book >>

Our first post this month to honor #blackfarmers and #foodactivists for #blackhistorymonth features Mr. Daniel Whitaker of Tillery, NC. An ancestor to us now, but whom I had the honor of sitting with while writing The COLOR of FOOD . Tillery holds a lot of history for the Black South, home to the largest Black Resettlement Project of the 20s/30s. Mr. Whitaker's family moved there like so many to leave sharecropping and he vowed to one day own his own land, and that he did. He owned and operated his hog farm for 50 years and was a proud member of the Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association. Dig into more of his story in The Color of Food book >>

We just discovered that The Color of Food book is quoted in the Food & Culture exhibit of the National Museum of African American History & Culture! So very honored! #NMAAHC #TheColorofFood #BlackHistory #BlackFarmers #BlackFoodCulture


It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to an amazing woman whom I never would have met if it weren't for The Color of Food, and who I will never forget. Cynthia Hayes fought for #blackfarmers for decades, she was instrumental in pushing the voice of African American farmers to the forefront across the South, throughout the Caribbean and internationally with the Southeastern African American Farmers Organic Network (SAAFON) she founded with Dr. Owusu Bandele. When I met her, she took me in under her wing and was truly the foundation of my connection to so many black farmers that are a part of the book. She became my Mama C and we shared a wandering spirit and a love for life and laughter. Cynthia could bring a smile to your face with just a phone call, and she was all about having real connection. I will always thank her for gathering us sisters of the soil that summer to come together and connect, heal and reflect amidst the marshes of the southern coast. Her passing is a monumental loss in this life and this work for #blackfarmers and #foodjustice. I will miss her dearly. <3